American Dhimmi

Sweeping religious persecution under the rug

Obama overlooks Christian persecution

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: The global war on Christians in the Muslim world

Muslim persecution of Christians

Islam’s war on the cross

Islamic religious persecution goes unnoticed

Disgusting silence on church bloodbath

How can we remain silent when Christians are being persecuted?

Egyptian women were “doing better under Mubarak”

Tarek Fatah on Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Islamofascists

Syria’s ultimatum to Christians

Egypt’s secular forces condemn US support for Muslim Brotherhood candidate

Christians snub Cairo meeting with Clinton, claim US backs Islamists

State department purges religious freedom section from its human rights report

Islamic world tells Clinton: Defamation of Islam must be prevented – in America

Muslim countries target free speech with help from the US

Diana West: Outing the Muslim Brotherhood

A terrorist visits the White House

Why so many people think Obama is a Muslim

Obama’s approval among Muslims reaches new lows

Obama’s popularity in decline in Muslim countries

American Exceptionalism: Obama’s Achilles Heel?


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  • What is he complaining about? This is German culture now. And they've just re-elected the woman who enabled it. Cle… ,
  • He’s an idiot, but they look like fallow deer. The red deer are the ones to worry about. ,
  • Nothing bizarre about the statement. He’s absolutely right. What’s bizarre is @Newsweek’s obsessive bias. You’re di… ,
  • A dose of sanity from . Hard to believe this even needs to be said, but we live in a warped age. ,
  • Very sorry to hear this. I did many gigs with him in the 80s and 90s. Hell of a nice guy. ,
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