Boycott halal

Risk-free resistance.

Halal: A taste of terror

Can buying food contribute to terrorism?
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Halal slaughtering is gaining ground

Britain goes halal, but no one tells the public—tells-public.html

Which products in Australian supermarkets are halal?

Halal meat is not compulsory. If it isn’t available, Allah will forgive you.

What you should know about the halal food industry

Recognise the internationally recognised IFANCA logo for halal

Learn to recognise halal in Arabic

Morrisons supermarkets and other companies knuckling under to halal

Campbells goes halal

Tate & Lyle “happy to be halal-certified”

Mechanised halal slaughter of chickens

McDonalds drops halal after lawsuit

Dinner lady sacked for accidentally serving non-halal meat to children

Another woman loses her job for accidentally serving gammon to Muslim pupil

Halal meat served in 75% of schools in London borough of Waltham Forest

Halal certification – why should non-Muslims have to accept and pay for it?

No change to UK religious slaughter rules

What does sharia law have to offer?

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