Europe’s Betrayal of Women

Mass sexual assault at Cologne train station on New Year’s Eve

Female mayor of Cologne offers “code of conduct” to women assaulted and raped by Muslim migrants

The Muslim war on women comes to Germany

Migrant rape fears across Europe. Women told not to go out at night alone

German minister: Critics of migrant rape are as bad as the rapists

German police admit to immigrant no-go zones

Police crack down on vigilante groups

Germany clamps down on free speech to protect migrants

Mass sexual assault in Sweden covered up by the media.

Muslim sex crimes in Sweden covered up by police, media, and government

Migrants harassing women across Denmark

Launch of Pegida UK

Google, Facebook and Twitter yield to German government demand to censor “hate speech” towards migrants

Swiss army chief: Europe on the verge of civil war

Shocking sexual violence against women in France’s Muslim ghettos. This is what Europe is importing.

Female “No Borders” activist gang raped by Africans. Accused by fellow activists of reporting it out of spite.

Czech doctor in Munich. Hospitals overwhelmed by uncivilised migrants bring chaos, violence and disease.

Tiny German village forced to accept 1000 migrants. Officials mystified by complaints.

99% of Egyptian women have been sexually harassed

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