How gay is Islam?

It isn’t at all gay. Not even slightly.

Muslims in Britain have zero tolerance for homosexuality

Homosexuals “worse than animals”

Islamic violence against gays

Gulf states to introduce medical testing to ‘detect’ gays and stop from entering the country

The global divide on homosexuality

Governments remove sexual orientation from UN resolution condemning arbitrary executions

56 Islamic states reject UN debate on anti-gay violence

Muslim envoys walk out in protest at UN gay rights debate

UN panel cuts gay reference from anti-violence resolution

UN General Assembly votes to allow gays to be executed without cause

OIC demonstrates its rampant homophobia

Homosexuals are inferior to dogs and pigs, says Iranian cleric

Persecution of homosexuals in Iran

Short video tutorial for people who insist that brutal Islamic values only appeal to a handful of extremists

Interesting account of a left/Muslim rally by gay activist Peter Tatchell. He and his friend were the only visibly gay people there. I wonder why.

Dreadful at the Dorchester: Jalal-ibn-Saeed’s assembly of haters

Sharia means death for gays if respectable suit-and-tie jihadis like this get their way

Can anyone explain why we should boycott the Russian Olympics for their anti-gay law, but not the Qatar World Cup?

Here’s a typical piece of delusional nonsense about gays and Muslims having a common cause.

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