How to insult a “progressive”

Tell them the truth when the truth is incorrect.

Free speech is so last century

The progressive ideas behind the lack of free speech on campus

The racism of some anti-racists

Students: Ukip faces prejudice at universities

The left wing case for leaving the EU

Daniel Greenfield: How to write about Israel

The apartheid smear

If you absolutely must boycott Israel, you better read this first

Islam in Britain: One week of Muslim ‘enrichment’

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  • 60% of migrants are not refugees. “Refugees” commit 200,000 crimes in one year.… ,
  • If you were a real journalist you’d know that most are not refugees, but illegal migrants bringing crime and violen… ,
  • If someone torches a mosque are they protesting against ISIS, or is there one law for Muslims and another for Jews? ,
  • Who needs comedy with sites like this? Bristling with such impotent rage you could warm your hands on it. Great fun. ,
  • It’s raining snowflakes in London. But then it usually is. ,
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