Human rights travesty

A new low for the United Nations.

Bedbugs at the UN


US activists lobby against UN religious defamation resolution

Insulting Islam risks civilisation clash blah blah

Blasphemy laws a serious threat to human rights

Child marriage in Saudi Arabia

80-year-old Saudi man marries 14-year-old

Muslim slavery in Sudan

Saudi women vow to breastfeed their drivers

Iranian cleric blames immodestly dressed women for earthquakes

1195 women murdered in Pakistan in 2010

Family waits to see if mother will be hanged for blasphemy

Pakistani woman freed after 14 years in prison without trial for blasphemy

A woman murdered every day in Karachi

Women in Pakistan

Violence against women in Pakistan

Violence against women in Punjab

Five women buried alive in Pakistan

Welcome to Pornistan

Saudi Arabia spot on UN women agency triggers outcry

When it comes to women, the UN flogs its own integrity

The crimewave that shames the world

Want human rights? Leave the United Nations


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