Islam in the workplace

Why is the UK Muslim unemployment rate so high? Take a guess.

Muslims face the worst job discrimination of any minority group

Muslim worker refuses to sell ham and wine to customer

Woman died after Muslim nurse refused to help as he was praying

Muslim staff escape NHS hygiene rule

Muslim worker refuses to sell “unclean” Bible book

Marks & Spencer apologises after saying Muslim staff may refuse to sell alcohol or pork

Muslim “teacher” who insists on wearing an absurd head bag makes a fool of herself on TV

Hairdresser sued for refusing to hire Muslim woman in a headscarf

How I nearly lost my business for refusing to hire a Muslim woman who wouldn’t show her hair

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  • Shame it wasn't Merkel. ,
  • He might as well be saying: “Let’s import permanent war.” The European Union must die if Europe is to survive. ,
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  • I suppose I should thank for censoring my video “A Word To The Criminal Migrant” 3 days ago. Since they dr… ,
  • For those who have asked about my allotment, here it is, before and after. Ready for spring. ,
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