The Invasion of Europe

The EU is breaking the law to import rape and jihad.

Germany: Migrant rape epidemic

Germany in a state of siege.

Greatest tide yet to come as the EU refuses to control its external border

Munich’s Commissioner for Social Affairs is overwhelmed by the refugee crisis

Did Merkel just read out Germany’s suicide note?

Calais: Women locking themselves in tents to avoid male migrant attacks

ISIS claims to have smuggled thousands of fighters into Europe

Germans losing their homes to economic migrants who are only there because Merkel and the EU are breaking the law

The Dublin Regulation

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  • 60% of migrants are not refugees. “Refugees” commit 200,000 crimes in one year.… ,
  • If you were a real journalist you’d know that most are not refugees, but illegal migrants bringing crime and violen… ,
  • If someone torches a mosque are they protesting against ISIS, or is there one law for Muslims and another for Jews? ,
  • Who needs comedy with sites like this? Bristling with such impotent rage you could warm your hands on it. Great fun. ,
  • It’s raining snowflakes in London. But then it usually is. ,
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