The taste of multiculturalism

Bon appétit, Britain.

State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron

The failure of British multiculturalism

A political culture gone bad

The religious excuse for barbarity

The cruelty of halal slaughter

Halal-standard slaughtering doesn’t need animals awake

Britain goes halal… but no one tells the public—tells-public.html

Diners unknowingly eating halal at Wembley stadium

Oxford University students secretly served Muslim halal meat

Anger over halal-only menus in schools

Halal meals storm brewing

70% of New Zealand lamb imports to Britain are halal… but this is NOT put on the label–isnt-label.html

Top supermarkets sell halal without telling anyone

Muslim and Jewish groups object to labelling of ritually slaughtered meat

Euro ministers drop proposals to label religiously slaughtered meat

Petition: Stop force-feeding us halal

Petition against sharia law in Britain

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